CI² Aviation Inc. is a dynamic, full-range aviation facility management, information technology, engineering, airport operations, administrative consulting and staffing services organization committed to excellence.

Our team is driven by a strategic vision and includes globally certified professionals with a reputation for consistently providing sustained high-quality performance that far exceeds industry standards.

CI² Aviation Inc. provides Air Traffic Control Services, Aerodrome services, Ground Electronics Services, Navigational Aids and ATC communications, Operation and Maintenance Services of the airfield apron and lighting systems, Weather Observer and Forecasting services and much more.

Air Traffic Control Services

CI² Aviation Inc.ensures appropriate separation between aircraft operating in the system, organizing and expediting the flow of traffic, and providing support for National Security and Homeland Defense. All while using comprehensive quality and aviation safety management systems in the provision of all our aviation services.

Ground Electronic Services

CI² Aviation Inc. is committed to excellent service which ensures providing exceptional Ground Electronic Services (GES) for airports around the world.

We fully understand each airport enviornment has unique requirements and ensure continued availability of communication, navigational aids (NAVAIDS), and meteorological systems. 

All GES technicians are fully qualified and certified on all air traffic equipment, NAVAIDS, communication, surveillance, and meteorological equipment currently in use at BDA

Ground Maintenance

CI² Aviation Inc. Provides 24-hour availability, and operational capability of all the maintained facility equipment and infrastructure that supports the Aeronautical Telecommunication Systems at the Airport.

This is accomplished through inspections, tests, adjustments, and repairs, of facility buildings, maintenance vehicles, runway lighting and wild life mitigation to name a few.


“We strive to be an excellent organization that is able to attract, excite, and nurture a diverse and committed staff with exceptional skills. Our organization is constantly on the move, as we inspire our employees to be trend setters.“
Andrella Kenner
Founder & President
“CI² Aviation Inc., has a proud tradition of providing excellent customer service, which continues to promote our success in aviation.”
Michael Baylis