CI² Aviation is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ requirements and possess the requisite experience and proven corporate achievement rating to ensure safe and efficient Airfield Operations, Drone Services, Systems Engineering/Integration, Financial Administration and Program Management services.

Air Traffic Control

Ensuring appropriate separation between aircraft operating in the system, organizing and expediting the flow of traffic, and providing support for National Security and Homeland Defense.

Aviation Management

Full Service Systems Engineering

Designing and managing complex life-cycle engineering projects.

Weather Observation and Forecasting

Program Management

Providing oversight to all projects and project-level activities to ensure program success.

Financial & Administrative Services

Offering management and oversight of fiscal and human capital resources.

Airport Operations

The provision of all personnel, supervision, equipment, tools, materials, supplies, equipment, and other items and services necessary to ensure the safe, orderly and expeditious movement of air traffic. Airport Operations may include Air Traffic Control, Drone Services, Weather, Airfield Management, Civil Engineering, Supply, Maintenance, and other Services as required by the client.

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