Harry Rivera’s performance as Air Traffic Manager

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Mr. Harry Rivera

Atlanta, GA – September 7, 2017 – CI² Aviation, Inc., proudly announces that Mr. Harry Rivera’s performance as Air Traffic Manager at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, FAA Contract Tower (FCT), Rafael Hernandez Airport (BQN) was selected as The ATCA Outstanding ATC Manager of the Year for 2017. We are excited that Mr. Rivera’s great achievement has been recognized with this prestigious award.

Mr. Rivera has the reputation for ensuring the most efficient and effectively run facility for our flying customers. Rafael Hernandez airport is a reliever airport for San Juan Internal Airport. Aguadilla FCT serves a mixture of scheduled air carrier, freight transport, student pilot training, pleasure, business, and military aircraft. The Tower is staffed by seven (7) air traffic controllers, including the tower manager. The tower is operational seven days a week within the FCT Program from 0700 to 2100 local daily, and at other times by a separate contract. Last year our user survey evaluations received a score of 995.5 points out of 1000. This was cumulated from 32 individual surveys.

Operating from a temporary tower for more than seven years, and working with sub-standard equipment and less than desirable working conditions, Mr. Rivera’s staff endured and provided exceptional ATC service. Without a radar display or flight data printer system, the services were professional and with safety first in mind. Most of the staff is home-grown reflecting a great deal of pride with every radio transmission. During November of this past year the facility opened a new refurbished control tower. The control tower was used in the past by the U.S. Air Force at what was Ramey Air Force Base. The tower was completely renovated and commissioned. The coordination required by Mr. Rivera involved nearly four (4) years of work to ensure a quality facility was produced that would be the first permanent FAA Contract Tower at Rafael Hernandez Airport. The current tower will allow first rate service to continue for many years to

Mr. Rivera has a proven track record of operating in excellence and he is an outstanding asset to our company. The CI² Aviation Family congratulates Harry Rivera as the recipient of the ATCA Outstanding ATC Manager of the Year Award for 2017.

Andrella Kenner

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